1. Highres-Fix is A Must! Highres-Fix: 2x, denoising:0.4-0.5 or 1.5x, denoising:0.5-0.65. (一定要做高清修复! 高清修复: 2倍, 重绘幅度:0.4-0.5 或 1.5倍, 重绘幅度:0.5-0.65)
  2. Make Sure you are in the right CLIP if you want to replicate my job, some themes are CLIP=1,while others are CLIP=2.Suggest download the image and put it into PNG info to check the setting (如果想要复现,确保CLIP值要对! CLIP1和CLIP2要对!建议把图下下来然后放到PNG信息里面去查设置)
  3. Most Prompts in Previous Version of GhostMix can produce similiar result in New Version of GhostMix (之前用的大多数Prompts在新版本也可以生成相似的结果)
  4. All images I posted did not use Lora & Controlnet. (所有图片没有用Lora和Controlnet)
  5. Textual Inversion&VAE: ng_deepnegative_v1_75t and easynegative ,don’t use Bad-Hand V4 & V5!(用 ng_deepnegative_v1_75t和easynegative,别用BadHandV4,V5)
  6. Sampler Suggest : DPM++ series , Steps: 20-30, CFG:5-7(7 is best)(采样方法建议 DPM++系列 , 步数20-30, CFG:5-7(7最好) )
  7. Suggest resolution: 512,768! mechanical girl theme is very sensitive to the resolution, not suggest make the aspect ratio too low.(建议分辨率:512,768! 机械少女主题对分辨率设置非常敏感,不建议设太低的宽高比)


类型 CHECKPOINT MERGE 基于 SD1.5 大小 2.24GB 版本 v2.0
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